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Sease, the premium lifestyle brand known for its commitment to sustainability and performance, sought to elevate its online presence. With a focus on the launch of their first-ever women's ski wear collection in 2022/23, Serotonin was brought on board to devise a comprehensive digital strategy to meet their targets.

Collaborating with the Sease e-commerce team, we meticulously crafted a 12-month plan outlining digital channels, projected spends, anticipated revenue, and expected clicks, ensuring clear alignment with the brand's objectives. On-piste and on-target.

Our initial efforts centred on revamping tracking mechanisms, restructuring Google Ads, and optimising the Meta campaign, enhancing the brand's online visibility. Despite encountering challenges in the low season, we adapted swiftly, driving increased traffic within budget limits and striving to maintain conversions.

As the high season approached, we strategically leveraged new channels, including targeted campaigns in prestigious online publications through a DSP and an affiliate program with platforms like Vice and Stylecaster. This tactical expansion resulted in a remarkable 200% surge in new site visitors and an 85% rise in media spend, fuelling Sease's growth during the critical period leading to Q4.

Now, in our second year of collaboration with the Milanese brand, we’re working alongside them to improve on the performance from last year, rolling out pMax across all markets, developing a consistent display solution, and paying close attention to detail when it comes to creative.

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