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Blake Mill are a bold Men’s shirt company, popular for their stand-out designs and the way that they make people feel when the put on the shirt. 

Serotonin began working with Blake Mill in October 2020 - a month away from the biggest trading period for the Men’s Shirt company. 

Our team quickly devised a strategy that would see the majority of their digital campaigns rebuilt and restructured in a way that allowed for a new ROAS and revenue target to be achieved. This restructuring also saw the introduction of an additional programmatic channel that worked to introduce brand new customers to the brand at a more cost effective manner than previous Paid Social campaigns had been delivering. 

Following the first three months working together, Blake Mill achieved their best monthly revenues to date - hitting new six figure peaks each month. 

"The only Digital Marketing agency with the technical expertise and the strategy required to help us achieve consistent growth." Ross French, eCommerce Director at Blake Mill

Kickstarting into 2021 - we introduced additional measures into the campaigns to ensure campaign performance was delivering at an optimal level including guards on PPC campaigns that prevented fraudulent/ bot clicks (saving costs) - we also connected the Blake Mill Google Merchant Centre (GMC) onto a CSS platform that saw the volume of spending on shopping reduce by 20% without affecting revenues. 

All the creative content used in Blake Mill’s campaigns is produced internally by Serotonin, working alongside the team at Blake Mill as we roll out their brand and creative strategy to attract a younger customer profile. 

As 2022 closed, Blake Mill recorded their best year on record, having exceeded forecasted expectations in terms of volume of shirt sales and revenues. 2022 also included the best performing Black Friday/ Cyber Monday campaign for the business which saw over 1,600+ shirts sold during the campaign window. 

We are now continuing our partnership with Blake Mill as we look to helping drive further new customer acquisition of their core product lines as well as launch their new lines, including t-shirts and accessories.

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