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Mission C approached us to help in the launch and roll out of their premium CBD lifestyle brand, including the development of an ecommerce website. 


They wanted to increase transparency, change attitudes and balance perceptions around CBD, making it more accessible to everyone through their products, and the community they wanted to build.


But advertising restrictions around CBD meant that our strategy had to be different. If we were going to launch the brand successfully, we would have to think outside the box.

Our solution was a robust, multi-channel plan that focussed on growing the brand and its audience organically, through engaging content, trusted endorsements and a messaging framework that educated and inspired consumers about the company’s mission.

Part of our aim was to build a foundation upon which the brand could continue to evolve, so we also incorporated offline activity into our strategy. This involved collaborating with over 50 influencers to create content around the products, which we were then able to curate and market. 


We decided to build their ecommerce website on Shopify due to its backend analytics, speed of hosting and UX friendly design. We met some challenges around Shopify Payment, which doesn’t accept CBD companies but were able to install VivaWallet instead, giving an equally seamless customer journey and allowing the company to function like any other ecommerce store.

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