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HTC Health is Europe’s largest supplier of bulk supplements, with over 45 years of experience and innovation and an established global supply chain making them market leaders.

Our challenge was to help them respond to significant growth and change in industry, as well as an influx of new competition from agile and fresh start ups, by creating a framework that enabled them to move with and continue to lead the market. 

The solution? A brand reposition.

We began by holding a strategy workshop with key stakeholders across the business. The goal was to identify the brand’s vision for the future, core values and differentiators, so that we could use this to lay the groundwork for the repositioning. 

Our new brand guidelines created a framework which gave the company the freedom to keep evolving with the market. This included a new visual identity, photography style and communications strategy designed to position HTC closer to the end consumer and new audiences, while ensuring its heritage remained at the centre of its brand identity.

From there, we rolled out phase one of the website and created a B2B brochure, bringing clarity to the core services that were the priority for short and medium term business growth.

The result was a brand refresh that placed HTC Health in an optimum position for a changing and growing sector, rooted its place as a market leader and identified new audiences and service opportunities moving forward.

The next stage will see phase two and three of the website roll out, and the implementation of a multi-channel.

"The new brand and website has been really well received across the business. In fact, it is world class. Now we are working with Serotonin to roll out the new brand with a digital campaign and we were already blowing the competition out the water."

James Anderson, Head of Sales & Marketing

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