Gatehouse Apartments

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We were given six months to deliver a multi-channel brand awareness strategy to accompany the launch of Gatehouse Apartments - Grainger’s flagship development in the South Coast of the UK.

Our strategy involved delivering data-driven creative campaigns across paid search and social, using our own internal algorithm and formula to calculate anticipated advertising spends and to focus each campaign on a specific objective. We also worked with the on-site team to curate an Instagram feed that was reactive and relevant.

Within four months of launching the campaigns, Gatehouse hit 100% occupancy.

We reached an audience of nearly one million people, saved the client thousands in unused advertising spend, increased engagement and following on the Gatehouse Instagram and turned it into the point of contact for prospective tenants.

By continually analysing the data we had available, we were able to discover what was working and optimise toward this to improve performance, enabling us to overperform our own forecasts.

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