Play Golf Dubai

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When Play Golf Dubai came to Serotonin, it was an idea full of passion.

We took the team through a brand sprint and built their idea into an identity, a luxury start up dedicated to creating bespoke, five star itineraries of some of the world’s best golf courses - all while capturing the essence of Dubai.

The brand sprint set the foundation for the business to be able to craft the visual identity, website and brand assets required to launch successfully and immediately position itself in the competitive landscape. 

Today, they are one of the leading names for luxury golf concierge experiences in Dubai and have built partnerships with some of the biggest names in hospitality.

"We came to Serotonin with a blank page, and needed to create a new business and brand. From the beginning they got on board with what we needed to achieve, took time to develop creative routes that showed they understood our marketed as well as we did"

Phil McGrory, Founder

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