Youtube is adjusting its swearing policy, Elon Musk keeps schtum as third-party apps are blocked from Twitter and The Better Business Summit is happening this week

December 11, 2023



Youtube is adjusting its swearing policy, Elon Musk keeps schtum as third-party apps are blocked from Twitter and The Better Business Summit is happening this week

YouTube backtracks on its swearing policy

Do you make money with that mouth?

That’s what Youtube asked its creators back in November, when it announced that it would be updating its swearing policy. Under the new rules, videos which contained profanity within the first 8 seconds would lose the right to monetisation, while those which waited 8 seconds could receive ad revenue. 

It also said that “all varieties of profanity are now treated equally meaning they are not differentiated based on levels of severity,” with the exception of hell and damn, which were no longer considered curse words. 

But the platform’s attempt to wash its mouth out with water left many creators foaming at the mouth - and for good reason.

  1. YouTube applied the change retrospectively meaning creators were punished for videos made before policy came into place through a cut in ad revenue.
  2. It failed to communicate the policy update clearly, meaning a lot of creators found out about it through Twitter  when their old videos were suddenly demonetised.
  3. Creators are also annoyed at how vague the policy update is, saying that it puts the 🦆in what the ??

But after weeks of uproar, YouTube is finally going to make some changes.

“In recent weeks, we’ve heard from many creators regarding this update. That feedback is important to us and we are in the process of making some adjustments to this policy to address their concerns,” said the platform’s spokesperson Michael Aciman.

Don’t swear on it.

Third-party Twitters app not working

Elon Musk has been accused of blocking third-party apps from Twitter’s API after multiple developers lost access late last week.

Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Fenix, Talon and Echofon reported problems of being unable to log in or access their timelines last Thursday, with the issues applying to both Android and iOS versions of the apps.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s own dedicated TweetDeck app for managing multiple accounts appears to be working just fine, as do its core apps for iOS and Android.

As of Monday morning, Twitter has still not addressed the problem on either its official page or the Twitter Support account, while CEO Elon Musk has remained silent too.

Internal messages seen by The Information suggest the move was intentional, with many Twitter users speculating that Musk is seeking to kill off third-party apps so that Twitter can better monetise activity on its own platforms.

While many Twitter users find that the site’s web and mobile app meets their needs, some have long preferred to use third-party clients that can add extra features and options, override Twitter’s timeline-sorting defaults and hide its ads

These programs can’t work without authorised access to Twitter’s systems via an API (application programming interface), however, which Musk has now blocked access to.

There’s never a dull moment in Elon’s nest.

The Better Business Summit is finally here

This week sees the inaugural Better Business Summit come to Manchester Metropolitan University.

From the 18th-20th of January 2023, Patagonia, 1% For the Planet, Faith In Nature, B Lab UK and hundreds of other purpose driven businesses and business leaders will be coming together to redefine what it means to create a better world.

Lauded as one of the most important opportunities in the North to independently bring businesses together to discuss how to create a better future for people and the planet, it will be packed full of events including:

  • Carbon Literacy training for professionals so that you can become certified Carbon Literate.
  • Talks & panel discussions by some of the biggest names in sustainable business, including Luke Broster from Patagonia, Kyle Soo from B Lak UK & more.
  • Catalyst conversations (intimate round-table  discussions on crucial issues)
  • A Peak District Hike and reflect upon an inspiring time at The Better Business Summit.

There are a limited number of tickets available. Join hundreds of voices coming together to champion how business can be a force for good and connection.

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