It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

February 12, 2024



It’s National Apprenticeship Week!

It’s National Apprenticeship Week, the perfect time to shout about why apprenticeships are so amazing for so many different reasons.

I'm Emily from Serotonin, a marketing agency in Manchester.

I was hired as a social media marketing apprentice a couple of months ago, and I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about apprenticeships from my own personal experience of the industry.

I started my apprenticeship at the end of January, working with Serotonin and the Juice academy.

The Juice Academy is where I learn more ‘off the job’ training, with sessions every fortnight. It’s amazing! And Serotonin is my place of work, where I come every day. The whole process was very simple and stress free, from applying in September I was sitting at a desk by January.

Some insights about apprenticeships for you…

Apprenticeships are all about teaching people new skills so they can excel in their careers. The team at Serotonin believe that apprenticeships are the key to unlocking possibilities, and cultivating the next generation of marketing talent. So there is a lot of opportunity to tap into if you want to make a break in a new industry.

They aren't just about fetching coffee and making copies! They're about rolling up your sleeves, diving headfirst into the world of marketing, and learning the ropes from seasoned pros who've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt!
But it’s not all work and no play. Apprenticeships are also about discovering your passions, uncovering hidden talents, and forging lifelong friendships. Let's not forget the big thrill of earning while you learn!  It's like being rewarded for embarking on the adventure of a lifetime!

Throughout this week there will be some limelight for Apprenticeship Week on social media. And there are A LOT of hashtags you can use to boost your profile…


By celebrating National Apprenticeship Week, you’re acknowledging the vital contribution of apprenticeships in driving economic growth, innovation and building a skilled workforce capable of meeting the evolving demands of the ever growing future.
Which means you can really make a mark.

Several big brands and organisations participate in National Apprenticeship Week too, by showcasing their love and commitment to apprenticeship programmes and initiatives, including the likes of Amazon and Siemens.

So, to all the aspiring apprentices out there, I say: seize the adventure. Jump into the unknown, embrace the challenges, and savour every moment, because trust me, the journey is every bit as rewarding as the destination.

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