Burniture: Fighting Fast Furniture

December 11, 2023



Burniture: Fighting Fast Furniture

A collective of creatives, friends and innovators, making a difference through making itself.

Everyone’s heard of fast food and fast fashion but fast furniture is often left in the shadows.

That is until a band of makers got together and started a side hustle that is now taking the high-end interior design world by storm.

With sustainability and consumerism at the forefront of their mission, Burniture works to tackle our throwaway and instant gratification culture all at once.

By taking in old furniture from the streets, skips or donations and remaking, repurposing and reinvigorating them - the Burniture collective breathes new life into our discarded & disregarded furniture.

Whether it’s a rocking chair made out of two deck chairs, a chef’s cutting table made from an artist’s easel or outdoor benches made from church pews, Burniture take a piece with a story forgotten and ensure that story will be told and remembered once again.

The story is essential to Burniture’s marketing. Each creation comes with a booklet explaining the process, how they repurposed it and then that gets passed on with the item to start its next chapter of life.

Burniture won the Sustainable Design Award ‘23 selected by @New Designers and has now secured a place at the 45th edition of Decorex this October. Incredible work and an incredible achievement for what started as a group of friends with an idea and is now a bigger group of friends with even bigger ideas.

Photo: Burniture
Written by Matt Stokes, Marketing Manager

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