Amazon’s first-party cookie recipe is a treat, Spike Lee just does it and contextual advertising says ‘Don’t call it a comeback’.

December 11, 2023



Amazon’s first-party cookie recipe is a treat, Spike Lee just does it and contextual advertising says ‘Don’t call it a comeback’.
Brands create their own Amazon-style advertising networks

When the rest of the world was still chomping away on purchased data, Amazon was busy using its own, raiding its customer pantry to create an advertising business. And now, with major browsers losing their appetite for third party cookies, businesses across the world are starting to copy Amazon’s recipe for success. One of which is the Marriott International. The hotel group has partnered with Yahoo to launch The Marriott Media Network, an advertising business designed to deliver curated content experiences with its own customer data. Using anonymised first-party data, advertisers on the Marriott Media Network will be able to target guests via the hotel chain’s website and app - and eventually through TV sets and digital screens - to deliver personalised ads, tailored brand experiences and to display relevant products and services. And it isn’t alone. Spotify, DoorDash, Walmart and many more are seeing Google’s phase out as an opportunity to create their own advertising businesses using first-party cookies, rather than relying on another party. And with Amazon’s undeniable success, it could be adopted as the global roadmap to navigating the upcoming change.



Contextual advertising makes its return

‘You’re an oldie, but a goodie’. That’s what publishers are saying about contextual advertising as it makes a powerful comeback in the ad space. The OG of targeting is making a resurgence as brands prepare for the phase out of third-party cookies and realise ‘oh - we did have a way of serving ads that wasn’t invasive or creepy.’ Consumers have made it abundantly clear over recent years that ad-targeting has the opposite effect on their behaviour. Far from calling them to action, it’s creating a mistrust of brands across the web. This, coupled with the phase-out of third-party cookies across major web browsers,  has made companies realise the importance of the experience they’re delivering - which is where CA comes in. Unlike behavioural targeting, it builds an online experience tailored around the content a user is consuming, serving an inherently more authentic and relevant experience that offers value on both sides. In other words, it gives your audience what they’re asking for, which is exactly why brands are realising it’s the answer to overcoming the end of third-party data. 


Nike marks 50th Anniversary

Nike has kicked off celebrations for its 50th anniversary with a Spike Lee-directed short film, marking half a century of iconic moments. ‘Seen It All’ sees the filmmaker reprise his role as industry OG Mars Blackmon (She’s Gotta Have It), alongside Indigo Hubbard-Salk,  as they honour the strength of Nike’s past with ‘the promise of its future’. The short film highlights the legendary athletes and sporting moments of the past 50 years before celebrating the next generation. “From Tiger Woods to Mia Hamm. From LeBron James to Serena Williams. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Sabrina Ionescu. Every moment from the first 50 years was just the beginning,” writes the video description. The festivities will continue with the brand uncovering iconic artefacts and exclusive content from the Department of Nike Archives through a variety of digital storytelling and physical retail experiences. Oh Nike, you don’t look a day over 25. 

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