Wawwa: Clothing for The People and Planet

December 11, 2023



Wawwa: Clothing for The People and Planet

Seamsters, sustainability and seriously cool cargo skirts.

Manchester-based, sustainable streetwear brand Wawwa is building a fashion utopia.

Bringing manufacturing back to the UK in a historic Mill in the heart of Ancoats, Wawwa starts with organic, recycled and planet-friendly materials and makes the majority of their products in-house.

Why you might ask? Because they are committed to fair wages with garment makers being paid the REAL living wage to create beautiful clothing in a fulfilling environment. Because they have more control over their supply chain and productionAnd because it’s seriously cool to have your factory and shop in the same building!

They are also committed to their community, with every beanie purchased, Wawwa donates another to someone less fortunate - already they have donated over 10,000 items to homeless organisations in Manchester.

Their mission is simple, use their team's skill and experience to design new garments, work with local businesses to source new materials and create products - limiting the environmental impact of their collections.

For a limited time, Wawwa has opened their doors to the public to see where the magic happens, You can view their factory in action, shop their full collection and pick up a bargain from their factory second rail.

Written by Matt Stokes, Marketing Manager

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