Meta covers its back by exposing other peoples’,  Instagram tells TikTok ‘You’re my muse’ and TikTok puts the ‘insight’ into insightful. 

December 11, 2023



Meta covers its back by exposing other peoples’,  Instagram tells TikTok ‘You’re my muse’ and TikTok puts the ‘insight’ into insightful. 

This week, Meta covers its back by exposing other peoples’,  Instagram tells TikTok ‘You’re my muse’ and TikTok puts the ‘insight’ into insightful. 


Meta makes its Ad Library an open book

Meta has announced that it would be sharing updates to its ad transparency tools that will provide more information about advertiser targeting choices for social issues, electoral and political ads. “We’ve heard from people who rely on our transparency tools that more information about advertisers’ targeting choices is critical to understanding the impact of digital advertising on elections and social discourse,” it said in a statement. From July, it’s Ad Library (which it created as part of its ongoing efforts to improve transparency) will provide data on the total number of social issues, electoral and political ads a Page ran using each type of targeting (location, demographics, interests etc) and the percentage of ad spend used to target those options, as well as whether a page used custom audiences and/or lookalike audiences. “Instead of analysing how an ad was delivered by Facebook, it’s really going and looking at an advertiser strategy for what they were trying to do,” Meta’s Vice President of Business Integrity, Jeff King, said. Facebook has faced increasing pressure to provide greater transparency around targeted advertising on its platform, given its starring role in the dissemination of misinformation in recent years. Here’s to sharing the spotlight.


Instagram teases full-screen home feed

Instagram is officially launching an immersive, full-screen home feed. The platform has announced that it will be rolling out the new UI in the next few weeks, which will present regular feed posts, stories and reels all within a single flow. Almost *exactly* like TikTok. The new feed, which is currently being tested, is designed to put video front and centre. That means reels and video will become even more critical to driving reach and engagement on the platform and brands will need to adapt their content to reflect the new aesthetic. (The navigation and Stories bar will stay where they are, thank goodness). It follows a series of decisions by Instagram to prioritise video content on the platform, including combining IGTV and feed videos into one format and integrating reels into the main feed.  “We’re moving Instagram to a place where video is a bigger part of the home experience and where content is more immersive. The future is 9 by 16,” Instagram head Adam Moressi said in a statement on the update. Thumbs at the ready


TikTok launches new insights tool

TikTok has launched a new interactive insights tool for marketers. ‘TikTok Insights’ is designed to help brands find out more about their audience by using a range of filters to discover key data points on their target market/s. “Here, you’ll find out more about our community’s behaviour, their interests and how they connect and feel about brands,” it writes, with location, industry and insight just a few of the filters a brand can choose from. At its most basic, the new tool is designed to facilitate and enhance strategic marketing on the platform. But really, it’s so much more. From influencing decisions and starting conversations to shaping culture and changing the world, TikTok is becoming more than just an app - and the more we know, the better. By offering customised perspectives on key data points, the new insights tools will not only allow brands to refine and optimise their marketing campaigns, it will give them a voice, a place and a role in the world TikTok is creating - which is fast becoming synonymous with the world at large. Go forth and absorb it like a sponge.

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