E.T Phone Home: Ring Doorbell

December 11, 2023



E.T Phone Home: Ring Doorbell

Let's talk about Ring Doorbell's challenge to capture alien activity. With a whopping £1,000,000 prize on the line, this campaign not only excites our wildest imaginations but also showcases the genius of Ring's marketing strategy.
Here's why it's an absolute winner:

💭 Universal Curiosity
Few things are as universally captivating as the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The idea of aliens has been a subject of countless films, books, and dinner table debates. Ring taps into this intrinsic curiosity, positioning their doorbell camera as the tool to potentially capture evidence. Whether you're a believer or a sceptic, the campaign instantly grabs attention.

🤝 Brand Engagement
By challenging users to actively monitor their camera footage for any sign of the unknown, Ring ensures that its users are not just passive customers but active participants in the brand's story. The more users scour through their video recordings, the more familiar they become with the product's features and capabilities.

📱 Viral Potential
In the age of social media, a campaign like this has the perfect ingredients to go viral. Even if a user doesn't capture an alien, they might come across funny, unexpected, or delightful moments which are worth sharing. This encourages organic sharing and tagging, which spreads the word about Ring and its capabilities far and wide.

📸 Publicity Stunt with Authenticity
While the campaign might initially sound like a wild publicity stunt, there's authenticity to it. Ring's doorbell cameras have previously caught rare meteor showers, unexpected wildlife encounters, and other unique moments. So, who's to say what's next?

⭐️ Enhances Product Value
The campaign indirectly communicates a crucial USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Ring Doorbell. It’s always watching, capturing high-quality video, and ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed, be it a delivery guy, a sneaky raccoon, or perhaps, an extraterrestrial visitor.

👪 Broadens Demographic Appeal
While Ring is often marketed for its security features, this campaign appeals to a broader demographic. It's not just about safety anymore; it's about exploration, curiosity, and being a part of a larger narrative. This can attract a younger and more diverse set of consumers to consider purchasing a Ring Doorbell.

💪 Creates Community
Imagine the conversations and online communities that will form around this topic. People sharing their videos, discussing potential 'sightings', and collectively engaging in a mix of serious debate and light-hearted banter. By doing so, Ring is not just selling a product but fostering a community.

Can we see this campaign coming to the UK? Probably not, but it's captured the hearts of the US and it's definitely captured our attention.

Written by Matt Stokes, Marketing Manager

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