Big tech, ‘Dyslexic Thinking’, and a surprise Grammys appearance.

December 11, 2023


Big tech, ‘Dyslexic Thinking’, and a surprise Grammys appearance.

This week, European lawmakers force the gatekeepers of big tech to grant access to their competitors, LinkedIn networks ‘Dyslexic Thinking’ and a surprise guest makes a virtual appearance at the Grammys.

Digital Markets Act targets Big Tech Dominance 

European lawmakers are trying to thwart the monopolistic behaviour of Big Tech companies with a new set of laws designed to level out the playing field. The Digital Markets Act will require the MVPs of walled gardens to play fair and open up their services and platforms to their competitors. Basically, the EU is calling the shots now. Under the proposed new rules, Google would be made to offer alternatives to the Android operating system on its smartphones, Apple would be required to allow iPhone users the power to uninstall company-imposed apps and download apps from rival apps stores and WhatsApp would have to let its users communicate with those using other messengers. If they don’t, they could face fines of up to 20% of their global turnover, (amongst other things). The law, which still faces a final vote in the European Parliament, is seen as the biggest regulatory move yet from the EU against what it describes as the ‘anti-trust’ behaviour from major tech companies. Speaking about the DMA, lawmakers have said it’s time to usher in a new era of tech regulation worldwide, which is fairer, gives users more choice and forces the ‘gatekeepers’ to take responsibility for their unfair advantage. “It’s not up to us anymore.” That’s fighting talk. 


(The new law, if approved, is expected to be enforced by the end of this year)



LinkedIn add ‘Dyslexic Thinking’ to skills list

LinkedIn has added ‘Dyslexic Thinking’ to its recognised skills lists in an effort to destigmatize dyslexia in employment. Users can now choose it as a talent to showcase on their profiles as the platform works to overturn the idea that it is an impediment to employment. It comes as part of a new partnership with charity Made by Dyslexia, which is dedicated to changing the institutional perception of dyslexia by offering a different way to understand it. In a statement announcing the partnership, founder of the charity Kate Griggs described the addition as a ‘monumental milestone for dyslexics everywhere’. “Our research has demonstrated that dyslexic thinking skills are vital to the 21st century workplace. When we reach a 50/50 split between machines and humans, the skills humans will need are dyslexic thinking skills,” she added. The campaign, which is supported by celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Sir Richard Branson, has also seen redefine the term as ‘strengths in creative, problem-solving and communication skills’. 



Ukraine’s President attends the Grammys.

And finally, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky made a virtual appearance at this year's Grammys. The Ukrainin leader addressed the awards in a pre-shot speech, recorded from a bunker in Kyviv, where he urged musicians to fill the silence left by Russian bombs with their music. “The war. What’s more opposite to music. Our musicians wear body armour instead of tuxedos. They sing to the wounded. In hospitals. Even to those who can’t hear them, but the music will break through anyway,” he said in an emotional message, asking those who were watching to tell the story of Ukraine on behalf of his country. The speech was played ahead of a performance by John Legend, who sang his new song Free; at the end of which viewers were given details of a charity assisting Ukrainian refugees. Since the conflict began, many Ukrainian musicians, DJs and producers have joined the fight against Russia as soldiers, reports and military fundraisers.

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