Optimising Ecommerce Experiences: Preparing for the Next Sales Surge

December 11, 2023



Optimising Ecommerce Experiences: Preparing for the Next Sales Surge

Whether driven by seasons, holidays, or specials, these surges can contribute substantially to your yearly revenue. A subpar ecommerce experience risks losing potential customers due to sluggish loading, perplexing navigation, or lack of personalisation.

Mobile ecommerce sales hit $2.2 trillion in 2023, constituting 60% of global ecommerce. Prioritise a mobile-first design to match. Craft a site that's responsive and designed for mobile users, improving user experience through streamlined navigation, swift-loading images, and touch-friendly elements.

A complicated checkout process affects conversions. Simplify it by offering guest checkout, varied payment methods, and clear calls-to-action. Also, consider saving payment info for repeat customers.

Personalisation isn't a choice but an expectation. Leverage customer data for tailored experiences. Suggest products based on history, provide personalised discounts, and send abandoned cart emails. Customer understanding drives conversions.

Impatience reigns in the digital age. Slow sites repel potential buyers. Regularly optimise speed through image compression, code minimisation, and browser caching. This bolsters user experience and SEO ranking.

A website crash during peak traffic frustrates customers. Scale resources with your hosting provider to handle spikes. Prior load testing identifies and tackles bottlenecks.

Social proof, like reviews, cultivates buyer trust. Feature feedback prominently on product pages. User-generated content, like customer photos with your products, validates your offerings genuinely.

After a sales surge, engagement remains vital. Nurture new relationships with post-purchase follow-ups, feedback collection, and social media involvement. Loyal customers are a long-term gain.

Remember, success belongs to those proactively enhancing customer experiences. Let's optimise for triumph, collaboratively.

Photo: Cindy Shebley

Written by Matt Stokes, Marketing Manager

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