Gaurab Thakali: A Journey Through Art and Inspiration

December 11, 2023



Gaurab Thakali: A Journey Through Art and Inspiration

In the vibrant world of art and illustration, there are creators who stand out not only for their undeniable talent but also for their unique ability to capture the essence of life's vivid moments.

One such artist continuing to make waves in the scene is Gaurab Thakali, a London-based illustrator with a portfolio that reads like a who's who of the creative world. From The New Yorker to Carhartt, Gaurab has left his colourful mark on an array of iconic brands and publications.

Gaurab Thakali's artistic journey is a fascinating one. Raised in Nepal, his work exudes a rich tapestry of cultural references inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and architecture of his homeland. Yet, it doesn't stop there. Gaurab's art is a harmonious blend of his love for music, which transports viewers to the heart of bustling jazz bars and intimate musical performances. It's no wonder that his client list includes heavyweights like The New York Times, Converse, and Young Turks.

For many young aspiring artists, the dream of making a living from their craft can seem like a distant star on the horizon. Gaurab himself once shared this sentiment as a recent immigrant to the UK. He recalls, "As a young person who just emigrated to the UK, I didn't know you could make a living out of being an artist, despite having a strong interest." It was only when a teacher at his sixth form helped him realise the possibilities that he pursued a degree at Camberwell College of Arts.

Gaurab's work is a testament to his ability to breathe life into various art forms. Whether it's an impressionist painting or a Blue Note record sleeve, his use of materials and mediums infuses his creations with vibrant colours and an immersive atmosphere. It's a distinctive style that has been honed through years of dedication and a commitment to sketching and working every day.

To stay inspired and fuel his creative fire, Gaurab turns to a wide array of sources. Film stills, record sleeves, and art from different eras, including masters like Durer, Monet, Van Gogh, and Edvard Munch, serve as his muses. Japanese woodblock print artists also contribute to the rich tapestry of influences that shape his work.

When asked about his favourite piece of work to date, he fondly recalls his commission from The New Yorker to illustrate an article on Sonny Rollins, one of his all-time favourite musicians. Additionally, he cherishes collaborations with friends at Church of Sound and Skateboard Café, where creative freedom flows, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

Gaurab's work is steeped in musical references, from smoky jazz bars to lively bands. This connection to music was forged during his university days, living with jazz musician friends who introduced him to the world of jazz. The influence of music on his art is undeniable and enduring.

Gaurab Thakali's art isn't confined to traditional canvases. His work has graced skateboards, ping pong paddles, and 7-inch vinyl sleeves, expanding the boundaries of where art can be found. Looking ahead, he has his sights set on creating large-scale paintings in the near future, promising new horizons for his artistic journey.

Gaurab Thakali's artistic evolution has been nothing short of remarkable, from his early days as a Camberwell graduate to his current status as an illustrator who captures the vibrant essence of music and life itself. His work, characterised by a dynamic fusion of bold colours and strong lines, continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Whether you're a fan of his jazz-infused scenes or his immersive landscapes, there's no denying that Gaurab Thakali is an artist worth keeping an eye on. With each stroke of his brush or click of his digital pen, he invites us into a world where art and inspiration know no bounds.

Photo: Gaurab Thakali
Written by Matt Stokes, Marketing Manager

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