BTS at TikTok, Instagram and Google...

This week, TikTok is up to something, Instagram is set to become even more immersive (gulp) and Google becomes the browser for word of mouth.

December 11, 2023



BTS at TikTok, Instagram and Google...


TikTok launches search ads in Beta

TikTok has begun beta testing for search ads. The platform began rolling out ads within search results for selected partners this week as it continues to build out its full ad suite. The new ads are tagged with a ‘Sponsored’ label and appear above the other listings on the search results page, making it easier to target searchers looking for specific terms and reach users with high purchase intent. It’s also beta testing a keyword listing which will provide advertisers with a list of the search terms that converted, enabling them a database of their best performing ads to guide their content targeting. The new feature would transform marketing on the platform by creating a feedback loop that allows advertisers to optimise their content and target their audience more effectively. TikTok is yet to release a statement on the testing, but it has been vocal in the past about its effort to improve direct monetisation options for creators, who can currently earn more money on other platforms.


Instagram tests new interface

Instagram may become even harder to look away from as it tests a fully immersive feed. The platform is playing around with a fully-integrated home feed that would present everything in an immersive, full-screen UI. The new feed would get rid of the top stories bar and present regular feed posts, stories and reels all within a single flow, as shown in the example by social media app analyst Alessandro Paluzzi - and as seen on TikTok. The immersive/hours have past/where am I/what is the meaning of life feed experience is already used by Instagram’s main competitor, which has proven how beneficial it is. A full-screen algorithm can measure a user’s response to each post, determine the specific elements of interest and align the feed recommendations to reflect the user’s behaviour. Basically, the recipe for endless scrolling. The new feed, which is just a back-end prototype at the moment, would move Instagram into line with TikTok as the two continue to compete for society’s attention.


Google updates search algorithm for products reviews

Google announced that it is providing more helpful product reviews on Search to reflect users’ desire for better information. Over the past year, it has been working to improve the product reviews it displays in Search as part of its regular algorithmic tweaks to improve the user experience. “We know people appreciate reviews that share in-depth research, rather than simply summarise a bunch of products. This update builds on this work to make sure product reviews in Search meet certain criteria” it explained. The new criteria includes things such as;

  • Include helpful in-depth details, like the benefits or drawbacks of a certain item, specifics on how a product performs or how the product differs from previous versions
  • Come from people who have actually used the products, and show what the product is physically like or how it’s used
  • Include unique information beyond what the manufacturer provides — like visuals, audio or links to other content detailing the reviewer’s experience
  • Cover comparable products, or explain what sets a product apart from its competitors. 


Here’s to a future of taking reviews at screen value. Thanks, Google.

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