Clippers Quay

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Clippers Quay is a key development for Grainger within the Manchester area. When we began working with Grainger in December 2020, one of our first objectives was to help drive the volume of enquiries for this Manchester block of apartments.

We had two goals: to increase the volume of strong leads and reduce the cost that these leads were generated at. 

To do this, we introduced a new structure across Paid Search and Social that separated the development’s USPs and created unique campaigns for each. By identifying key search terms and areas of interest, we were able to direct the budget more effectively and attract the right leads, in turn improving on-site conversion rates.

We instantly saw an increase in the number of enquiries, achieving the development’s most successful period for enquiries on record.

As Spring came around, we saw that our budget caps were hitting their daily targets which signalled a strong appetite for the development. As a result we continued to increase these caps daily on Search, then supplemented this activity by activating awareness activity using visual assets that showcased the amenities and benefits we noticed people were searching for, like content of the apartments by the waterside or the fact it has a gym within it.

This created a snowball effect with the volume of enquiries and resulted in a landslide increase in enquiries.

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