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Whalemap offer their users a unique view at the world of cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin. Their charts use raw blockchain data help people understand and answer fundamental questions about whats happening within the markets. Questions like: Where have big players accumulated their bitcoins? Are big players selling? And are people cashing out or buying more?

Working with Serotonin has been a pleasure so far. Dom and Clair put a large emphasis on finding out as much as possible about the brand and come up with excellent solutions that resonate with the brand well. Overall would 100% recommend working with Serotonin

Andy Bohutsky


We carried out a Brand Sprint with the Whalemap team in order to align their business goals with their objectives for the brand. From this we were able to get a deeper understanding of their customer, motivations, and the USPs of the product.

With a new website about to launch we needed to bring all of this together into a creative campaign that would stand out, and propel the brand forward through a differentiated proposition.

We explored a number of creative routes, picking out key elements of the brand, and the founders’ stories. Through ongoing collaboration and refinement, we were able to develop a creative strategy that would support the launch of Whalemap V2.0, a stepping stone on the journey of this unique and powerful proposition.


Our campaign strategy, and the creative outputs, were unique and bold. We used video, animation and graphic design to tell the story of Whalemap’s benefits, knowing that our audience could be at varying levels of understanding when it comes to Bitcoin or ‘whale watching’. 

By varying the formats, but maintaining a consistent brand identity and unique messaging style, we were able to create a suite of assets for Whalemap to take forward for launch.