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Molecule is a health and wellness specialist, based in Westbourne Grove, London. Their mission is to educate their community through the effective use of CBD, stocking ethically-sourced, hand-picked brands from all over the world. 


Since working with Molecule, Serotonin has been tasked with driving qualified traffic through to the website through a variety of paid channels, predominantly through Google Search campaigns and Facebook Ads. 

Due to the rules and regulations surrounding CBD products in the United Kingdom, Molecule previously had difficulty in utilising paid advertising to discover relevant audiences, and direct qualified traffic to their website.We found that a suitable solution lay in creating a number of bespoke landing pages that users could discover more about the benefits of CBD products before then organically visiting the Molecule website. This allowed for users to gain an understanding of the products that Molecule had to offer, whilst bypassing the regulations surrounding the discussion of CBD products.


We launched on paid social using Awareness ads, to build up Molecule’s brand recognition amongst their target audience, and then capitalised on user-intent through a number of Google Ads search campaigns. Through these channels, over 642,000 people have seen our ads, and over 10,000 users have visited the website as a result of our paid campaigns.

Since working with Serotonin, the Molecule website has seen a 187% increase in users visiting the site and a 145% increase in sessions. After the success of our paid media campaigns, we are exploring other exciting opportunities with Molecule, including the launch of a new creative campaign delivered over all existing channels as well as leveraging display advertising for the first time in early 2021.