Blackhorse Mills

Blackhorse Mills: a vibrant new waterside community for renters in Walthamstow.

Lead Generation
Brand Awareness
Digital Advertising

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Over the past year, we have been working to create awareness of the apartments and amenities, and generate qualified leads in the form of potential residents.

In order to achieve their KPIs we used a multi-channel, multi-campaign approach across digital media including paid social, Google search and programmatic display.


Our paid social strategy focussed on bringing about awareness of the new development in Walthamstow, driving traffic to the website and generating quality leads. Campaigns were delivered to Blackhorse Mills’ main target audiences most likely to convert on the Facebook & Instagram platform, this also included the use of retargeting to those who had engaged but not enquired.

A key driver for generating enquiries has been our Google Search campaigns. We used a multi-campaign approach to ensure that we have maximum coverage of our target audience, with the inclusion of both brand and non-brand search terms. Our campaigns have several distinct themes that run throughout, whether this has been a focus on the apartments’ amenities, the location of the apartments, as well as a high-intensity competitor campaign to drive traffic away from our direct competitors in the market.

We propelled our campaigns further with the introduction of an additional channel, introducing several programmatic display campaigns to support our efforts in PPC. Introducing these display campaigns allowed us to gain valuable insights into the users most likely to engage with our ads, and with a CPM of just £2.15, we were able to show our ads to almost 1.4m additional users - which had an extremely positive effect on our other operating paid channels.

We immediately saw an increase in enquiries across the board, with Google Ads receiving a record 371% increase in enquiries the month following the introduction of the campaigns - a testament to our belief in a true, multi-channel approach.







Monthly visits

Our stats speak for themselves; in the past 12 months our Google Ads campaigns have delivered over 1,900 enquiries averaging at 160 leads a month, with a cost per lead of less than £6.00. Our ads have been seen by over 562,000 potential customers, with almost 37,000 people visiting the Blackhorse Mills website as a result of the Google Ads, over 36% of all visitors coming from this form of paid media. As well as this, Google Ads has also been prominently featured in assisting other channels, playing a part in the user’s journey 23.47% of the time on their way to recording a conversion.In 12 months the paid social campaigns generated 4.8m Impressions, reached 1m people and drove over 17,000 website visits, averaging over 1,400 visitors and 942 enquiries each. The use of a mutli-channel approach including social, Google ads and programmatic in a bid to generate a higher amount of enquiries has helped in achieving significant results and all KPIs, reiterating our belief that the channels work together in driving results.