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The Brief


NEUapparel is an inspirational female fitness brand, powered by females. We have worked alongside their team to expand their campaign from just social to search and programmatic channels.

Programmatic has allowed for NEUapparel to reach customers on a wider scale than ever before by launching their first programmatic display campaign. After six weeks, our campaign promoting their summer sale received over 1,600,000 impressions, with a CPM coming around 20% lower than social. This contributed to over 1,000 new visits to their site from an entirely new audience. This then plays into our longer term strategy where we can begin retargeting through social.


Whilst the display campaign demonstrated a positive return on ad spend via direct conversions, the real success came from the impact that the campaign had on our other channels.

During the campaign, we saw our CPA reduce by 25% on Paid Social, and our Paid Search campaigns increased their ROAS by a further 41% on the previous period - helping us on our way to a record breaking month of revenue for the client.


With the addition of programmatic display to support a multi-channel approach, NEUapparel saw a year-on-year increase of sales direct from paid media increasing by 117%, revenue increasing 83% and ROAS increasing 80%.

We can also apply key learnings from the programmatic display campaign to our other paid channels, with analytics tools giving us detailed insights about exactly who, when and where our ads are being engaged with - on a much more micro level than we get from other existing data. Using this new found information, we are able to then optimise our ongoing campaigns and ensure that we are doing everything we can to increase efficiency and reduce CPA.

New impressions

Off the back of activating the display campaign, we saw our other media channels results improve. Seeing the full effect of a multichannel campaign was great and helped the client hit their best month on record.

Dan Wilson, Paid Media Manager at Serotonin

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