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The Brief


Grow the online user base of the app using digital campaigns & content.

Avail are revolutionising the truck drive-haulier relationship. Historically, HGV drivers would have to source work through a recruitment agency who would take a large chunk of the drivers fee. Likewise haulage companies would have to source drivers through the same agencies that would charge high fees to them. The only winners? The agency.

Avail cut out the middle man. They link the haulage company with the right driver using technology. Imagine like an Uber, but for HGV drivers and jobs instead of a person and a cab.

But how does a technology company like this, break into a market that is ripe for disruption but filled with trepidation following years of malpractice?



Driving people to a website to download an app within this industry was never going to be enough. To truly break through as a disrupter, Avail had to generate the trust and respect of the HGV driver community. Through deep research and analysis, we discovered ten’s of groups, communities and forums consisting of HGV drivers across social and the rest of the internet. The content that they were sharing, often related back to the industry in the form of memes and useful content for other HGV drivers.

From this, we set out to develop a content plan that mirrored the content that was already been shared but we always tied it back to who Avail were and how they were on the drivers side.

In addition to production of original content, we also worked with “influencers” and popular pages within the community who got to share the content that we produced with their users. This allowed us to leverage their fans and drive growth of the Avail social media pages as well as drive visits to the website.


The paid search landscape for bought media within any recruitment industry is challenging - more so within HGV and haulage. Using a start-up advertising budget that was heavily bootstrapped, we had to think creatively about how to:

- Get visibility on the SERP
- Drive clicks from impressions

We were confident that the proposition of the technology and the brand was strong enough to drive a conversion once on-site, therefore we focused on building a campaign laterally that allowed us to test, analyse and rebuild a set of campaigns using a vast number of variations.

Through doing this, we were able to constantly optimise and enhance the campaign manually instead of rely on dynamic search extensions. Utilising single keyword ad groups also allowed an even greater level of fine tuning when it came to understanding which keywords and ad groups were performing the best for the campaign.


Since working with the client to produce and publish content and work alongside partner pages, organic reach of the page has exceeded being seen by over 150,000 people from the target audience. The Facebook page has grown by over 2,000% (over 2,500 Likes) and the number of 3-second video views from content published has exceed 3,700% (over 113,000 seconds of video views). Content on the page now regularly reaches it’s audience in the thousands and is established among the HGV driver community.

Following the activation of our paid campaign, we had doubled the number of users on the platform as a result of the paid media campaign hitting all of our KPIs. This then allowed us to turn our attention to fully understanding what dials within the campaign required turning and fine-turning in order for us to be able to dial up/ down the campaign and keep the number of Users on the app in proportion with the number of haulage companies.

The reason for this is that too many drivers on the platform results in not enough people getting jobs, therefore a poor user experience. The other concern, the opposite of this is that if there are not enough HGV drivers on the platform then the haulage companies lost faith in the technology since there are few jobs being picked up.

We currently work with Avail to dial up and down the campaign based on the needs of the app and number of haulage companies on site - in addition, we geo-target specific areas where jobs are going live and require drivers to help regional user density.

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Thanks to Serotonin we were able to generate a huge number of new users on our app through their targeted digital campaign. The team always go above and beyond and are great to work with

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