Leveraging LinkedIn Stories

May 11, 2020

Have you tried LinkedIn’s newest features?

After testing its newest feature in selected regions earlier this year, LinkedIn has now released stories to all its users in late September as a new way to connect with your LinkedIn audiences and share relevant updates.

The majority of people now say that they prefer stories over regular feed posts and for Facebook and Instagram, stories have become a vital part of engaging with followers and potential consumers for businesses.

Over 60% of consumers use the stories feature on Facebook and Instagram daily, which means that LinkedIn Stories could be a great way to maximize your engagement on the platform.

So how can you leverage LinkedIn Stories to promote your business?

1. Share Professional Tips
The new feature should be used to build a professional network for your brand. Share stories about: Projects you’re working on, office spaces or working environments, behind the scenes of photo/ video shoots, hacks & tips, and personal interests such as podcasts or books you’re currently reading.

2. Consumer-Generated Content
Create a story from a consumer perspective, share testimonials from customers or quotes from partners you work with.

3. Knowledge is Key
Show your knowledge and be the first! Share industry news and announcements to your network and leverage yourself as the trusted expert’s people come to, where they can find the knowledge they desire.

4. Corporate Q&A’s
Use LinkedIn stories to answer questions from your prospective customers, clients, or partners may have about your brand.

5. Real-Time Updates
Share real-time updates about your newest campaigns, award ceremonies, team lunch/ birthdays/ celebrations, workshop snippets, or webinar updates.

If you want to learn more about using social media to boost your brand’s presence or are looking for an agency to build your brand from the ground up or rebrand for a fresh start, get in touch with us today.

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