Introducing A Well-Being Budget For Staff

May 11, 2020

In a world changing faster than ever, it's important to be proactive, not just reactive.

Like many business owners, we’ve been trying to navigate the office/ wfh/ flexible working dilemma.

Juggling employee well-being, team creativity and the need to stay agile in changing times is a challenge.

We’ve recently introduced a well-being budget for all employees. It means that everyone has an allocated amount each month to spend on working where they want; whether that’s sinking lattes in a fancy cafe or grabbing a hot desk in a co-working space.

The important thing is to keep flexible, respond to change, listen to your team, and be ready to adapt, to ensure everyone can deliver their best work.

We’ll be back to the office one day, I’m sure. But, for now, we’re simply focussed on staying happy. Wherever we are.

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