Black Friday Clinic

September 28, 2021

There are two types of people in the world; those who start Christmas shopping months in advance and those who leave it until the week before.

In a world where you can be anything, make your business both. 

The key to Black Friday is to have the foresight and preparedness of the former but the disguised urgency of the latter.

And it’s even more key this year, because the Black Friday ‘the mood’ is starting earlier than Black Friday ‘the event’. 


This year, the shopping season is starting earlier than usual. A Semrush analysis found that in 2020, ‘Black Friday Deals’ had already been launched in October - a stark difference to the year before when the Black Friday search term failed to reach October’s most popular keywords.

And it is expected that this spike in interest will continue its upward trajectory this year - which doesn’t come as a surprise. 

Last year’s Black Friday was more grey than black and Christmas DEFINITELY didn’t count. So we all have a lot to make up for and consumers are ready to spend.

Mindfully, however. 

Black Friday 2021 is different to any other because it means something different.

We’re going to see the trends and behaviours that developed and grew during lockdowns marry with the cross-market, established demands of Black Friday. 

This year is less about spending outside of your means and more about spending on businesses that align with your value system. Studies have shown that more consumers want to shop from brands that are helpful, authentic, progressive and inclusive. Brands that took a stand for something when the world stood still.

Why is this important? Because when almost every business has a competitive deal, it’s important that your messaging and overall strategy cuts through the noise and says what people really want to hear. 

What we’re offering is a strategy that helps you pull together all of these threads - new trends, established behaviours and your authentic brand identity - into a fabric that you can carry forward once Black Friday is over. In other words, we can help you go beyond the Black Friday sales funnel into creating a community that isn’t affected by seasonality.

To find out more, book a 30 minute call with a member of our team. 

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